Re: TEXTBOOKS: suggestions for homeschooling?

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Wed Aug 10 2005 - 13:38:13 EDT

Here's a good solution for you, douglas, at least for you as a parent of
home schooled children:

Michael Poole, Beliefs and Values in Science Education (Open University
available on the UK branch of Amazon, though I don't know whether they will
ship to the US:

I now see they also do have in on the US site, although I've looked in the
past without success:

In just a few months, there is a new book coming out by several faculty
from Wheaton, Calvin, and one or two other places, that might prove ideal.
Dorothy Chappell of Wheaton has edited it. Here's the information:

I saw proofs of the book at the ASA meeting this past weekend. It looks
simply splendid, in a word. I can't wait to try it out on students myself.

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