Re: Stereotypes and reputations

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Wed Aug 10 2005 - 06:49:52 EDT

Iain Strachan <> wrote:
Frank Tipler is an atheist who appears not to believe in evolution (or
at any rate is pro-ID). I think he explains everything away via his
Omega point theory, which attempts to reduce God to a physics
phenomenon arising out of potentially infinite information processing
capabilities just before the Big Crunch.

GRM: In the Physics of Immortality, Tipler actually says

     "The consensus opinion returned to Darwinism in the 1930s and 1940s with the development of the Modern Synthesis, which invokes nonpurposive mechanisms-natural selection, random genetic drift, mutation, migration, and geographic isolation--to account for evolution. Organisms are created by blind deterministic mechanisms combined with others that are effectively random. (Here, I might add, is another example of science returning to a previously rejected theory. A return for which I am glad, since the Omega Point Theory presupposes the truth of the Modern Synthesis; indeed its truth is essential for the free will model developed in Chapter V.) By the end of the 1940s, all trace of God had been eliminated from evolutionary biology." p. 9


Thus, I would disagree that Tipler doesn't believe in evolution. Unless he has changed since the publication of that book.


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