Re: Dr. Dobson

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Date: Tue Aug 09 2005 - 16:30:57 EDT

Whole brain death is a concept with very little meaning
behind it. It is accepted as a legal definition of death
this is true, but outside of organ transplantation, it
isnt used in a legalistic way such as this.

If you look at hospital records the time of death is often
not given as the moment the brain death declaration was
made, it is given as the time the ventilator is removed
and the patient no longer has a pulse.

It is not a very useful concept as a means of making
health care decisions, because the concept has no meaning
beyond "this person has such severe and irreversible brain
damage that there is no hope for recovery", but we can
make determinations like that without having to make the
claim that the person is dead.
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