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Date: Tue Aug 09 2005 - 15:02:56 EDT

> Some have proposed a concept of "brain birth" analogous
>to the concept of "brain death" that's now used in
>dealing with end of life issues. & it makes some sense
>to say that before a brain begins to form the conceptus
>cannot be considered a "person" by the above definition
>since the element of rationality is lacking. Of course
>if a rational mind can exist independently of a physical
>brain - & the fact that we speak of mind of God that
>doesn't require such a brain means that we can't rule out
>the possibility - then this argument is weakened

I dont know if you are endorsing the view of "brain birth"
or if you mean to equate the concept of the brain forming
with the forming of the person. But, it should be noted,
that the definition of brain death has nothing whatsover
to do with the definition of personhood. And this is for
the reason's stated previously, there is no way to define
scientifically what a person is. You could even argue
that what it means to be alive and not alive is not purely
a scientific definition either.

The concept of brain death came about so organs could be
harvested from living bodies, without killing the person
by taking them, so the patients had to be declared dead
prior to removing them.
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