Christian models of creation

From: James Mahaffy <>
Date: Tue Aug 09 2005 - 12:19:48 EDT

Pim van Meurs wrote:

> I understand, creationism is, unlike evolutionary science, not
> interested in addressing the mechanisms, methods. Of course, God can
> create any way He wants, so why can He not have created via evolutionary
> mechanisms, as the evidence so strongly show and why does one have to
> reject one of the strongest evidences of His actions, namely common
> descent? I do not understand this neither as a scientist nor as a
> Christian (yes, contrary to your guess both Glenn and I are Christians.
> In fact we both share the burden of a young earth creationist past.)


That simply is not true generally. Yes it is in my opinion (and I have
so stated in review of their books) of many of the ID writers.

Obviously the YEC folks have spent considerable time and effort in
models of Creation. We may not like their model and may think psrts of
it are flawed science but they do work on their model. Many other
Christian models have been propossed in the past (day age etc.).

However many of not most of the Christian models exist outside the
paradigm of the accepted model. Because of that, most of the science is
written in a different model and we sometimes forget that in iteself
gives more credence to the accepted paradigm simply because it is
accepted. but if we follow this thread we would have to shift to talking
about Kuhn.

By the way I am an agnotic (although a strong theist) to both the
current established neoDarwinian modle and most Christian alternatives I
see. However, I also know that human condition likes to have a model and
in fact the simpler the model the more attractive it is generally.

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