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From: James Mahaffy <>
Date: Tue Aug 09 2005 - 12:00:52 EDT


Lets try not to use stereotypes and reputations as the subject headers
andy longer when it is talking about hunter's book or with Hunter on the
topics he talks about in his book.

In other words lets try and make the subject headers fit the current
topic. It does not take much to change the header before posting.

I just got back from the ASA meetings. We had a good discussion Sunday
afternoon between ID and non ID folks. For once it was done in the
Spirit of Christian respect even when disagreeing. Loren Haarsma
started it and set a nice tone. The panel even had got Mike Behe to
come out to substitute for someone who had canceled.

It was also good to see and talk with Glenn Morton in person. He flew
in from China to attend and did a nice talk warning of the very real
problem of oil soon running out. I think it is sometimes good to visit
people face to face. Maybe the Amish were right in saying visiting in
person is better than the phone. We had a talk by a sociologist who
studies the Amish.

I don't know how much longer I will stay on the list (it get s lot of
messages) but I have enjoyed it.

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