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I received the following newsclip today:

Dobson Compares Stem-Cell Research to Nazi Experiments
Focus on the Family's James Dobson said Wednesday that Senate Majority
Leader Bill First betrayed pro-life voters with his flip-flop on stem
cells, comparing the destruction of human embryos for research to
experiments on humans done in Nazi concentration camps during the

Now if human embryos are really "little persons," complete with souls,
Dr. Dobson is certainly right. If they are not, then he would seem to be
not right.

The data and arguments I have seen argue persuasively (to me) that human
embryos are not (yet) "little persons" and cannot (logically) possess
souls. But those arguments may be flawed.

Are there scientific arguments for the claim that human embryos do
possess souls? Are there scientific arguments that would support Dobson's

Clearly not since "soul" isn't a concept in the natural sciences. Similarly
for "person." & for the same reason there are no scientific arguments that
support claims that John Burgeson or George Murphy have souls or are

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