Re: Stereotypes and reputations

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Mon Aug 08 2005 - 10:05:07 EDT


> The point you raise is interesting. The problem I have
> with all the claims made by apologists that the
> evidence supports antievolutionism, yecism and other
> such stuff, is that only the religious are advocates
> of anti-evolutionaryism. If the evidence were
> against evolution, an atheist could say, I don't know
> how it happened but it didn't arise by evolution nor
> did it arise via god. Surely someone would take this
> agnostic position against life evolving if the
> evidence for evolution were as bad as we are told.
> At the ASA meeting 2 days ago, I had a conversatiuon
> with gerald Bergman and Wade??? (I am embarassed that
> I forgot his last name he didn't give me a card). Wade
> asked Bergman why, if the evidence were against
> evolution why was there not at least 1 atheist saying
> that. Bergman couldn't answer but he simply told me
> when I reraised the point that he couldn't be sure
> that there werent atheists against evolution until he
> could interview lots of atheists. Which is quite a
> convenient escape mechanism because no matter how many
> one interviews, one can always say he hasn't found
> that one atheist.

Frank Tipler is an atheist who appears not to believe in evolution (or
at any rate is pro-ID). I think he explains everything away via his
Omega point theory, which attempts to reduce God to a physics
phenomenon arising out of potentially infinite information processing
capabilities just before the Big Crunch.

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