RE: Response to Don P.

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Mon Aug 08 2005 - 07:31:57 EDT

--- "Donald Perrett (E-mail)"
<> wrote:

> In response to Burgy:
  Prove their
> science wrong and even YEC parents will begin to
> look elsewhere. But in
> doing so, you must offer these devoted Christians a
> form of science with a
> Christian perspective. We can't just give the
> science alone. That is why
> there are people pushing against established
> scientific facts. Science is
> seen as atheist. Until someone steps up and can
> offer these parents sound
> biblical understandings that relate to science then
> they will go where
> Christ comes first and science second, even if the
> science is wrong. Keep
> in mind that most parents don't have the scientific
> background that people
> on this list do.

This is exactly why I developed the views I have. I
think like Don, that it is extremely important to
offer something. The problem is that one rarely gets
complex ideas into the minds of people who don't want
to actually think and there in lies the problem. While
few like my views they do offer the YEC a way to have
HISTORICITY in Genesis, something most people who
argue against YEC deny. And that denial drives them
deeper into YECism because they see no alternative but
an atheistic view of life

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