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From: jack syme <>
Date: Mon Aug 08 2005 - 06:57:51 EDT

M theory and string theory, even if their proponents want you to believe
such, cannot explain everything.

For example to explain the origins of the universe, M theorists propose a
multiverse. Such speculations are as much beyond the tools of science as
religion is.

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> I've heard that the String Theory has already been proved 'wrong' and is
> passe in physics. It's been replaced by the "M" theory (membrane) which
> solved all the gaps that existed in the String Theory. That's all I
> know.
> Janice
> At 12:20 AM 8/8/2005, John Hewlett wrote:
>>Hey guys and gals, well I have been reading a little bit about string
>>theory. I have read enough to still be about 2 degrees shy of completely
>>clueless. Never the less it looks like a very odd and strange theory. I
>>was curious if you guys know any physicist that are in ASA or elsewhere
>>that hold a theistic universal veiw that are experts in string theory?
>>First of all, I have a question, I listened to an interview by Brian
>>Greene on NPR and I know he is an expert on the string theory who hold NO
>>theistics veiws at all. This is you learn in the interview because he says
>>so, very plainly. The news caster says well these extrademisions could
>>house our spiritual conceptions, and he said "I would disuade you from
>>thinking that because we expect that we will eventually predict the
>>behavior of these demisions, and therefor basically since you can't
>>predict theology, I would not encourage you to think this way" [I was
>>parapharsing but it is really pretty close]. She responded by say!
>>ing "Well whats wrong with faith?" And he said "Nothing at all, my brother
>>is hindu and yada yada yada... he said you can never disprove the concept
>>of God because one can always say 'thats the way God made it'" Which I
>>would have to agree with.
>>Now I find this, infact I personally have never seen a theistic assault by
>>the string theory. Now I have heard this, that the string theory "CAN
>>explain the four fundimental forces in physics", now I know that alot of
>>people may say "hey, well if this explains it then God gets pushed out",
>>and I could see why this is the case if you subscribe to the God of the
>>Gaps, where the gaps get smaller. Which I do not subscribe to, because as
>>Galileo once said "I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who
>>has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo
>>their use." And not to give you my anti-treatise on the Gaps philosophy,
>>but I think we should investigate nature to the ends of our ability.
>>But I draw (at least in my veiw, and I don't get attacked for saying this)
>>a falasy from the logic of "Welp its completely explained, so well we
>>don't need a creator anymore now so..." because the same could be said
>>about evolution too, and we have seen this before, Richard Dawkins said
>>something like "After darwins theory I don't know how any could beleive in
>>religion". What a load of crap (pardon my language), I happen to not find
>>ANY ANY ANY problem with evolution at all (darwinian or not), and I just
>>don't think it is a threat at all. I tend to kind of fallow Kenneth Miller
>>from brown in his veiws (sort of). And I find it completely intellectually
>>fullfilling to beleive an Christian and hold these veiws. Now you are
>>THEORY?" Well couldn't the same principle be drawn of string theory?
>>Going back to evolution I would like to elaborate because its a good
>>theory to do so with. First all, in Darwinian evolution we are taught
>>random mutations and natural selection (among other stuff) are accountable
>>for the diversity of life on earth. Ok, well thats just hunky dory and I
>>can live with that explanation. NOW the point here is, I AM IN NO WAY
>>saying God plays no role in evolution. Infact I beleive the oposite
>>because I don't think we (humans) are aquainted with all the details. I
>>strongly and confidently feel that just because it looks "random" or
>>godless (meaning God plays no role) to us, doesn't mean that it is to God.
>>I think God plays a role in all of nature. And if string theory works out,
>>then I will in all likely hood feel the same way.
>>So basically I was just wondering if there were any christians or
>>theistically inclined people working in String theory these days?
>>Would anybody here thats in physics like to give me some comments on their
>>views of the String theory?
>>I hope I haven't made any of you all mad, if my little off shoot
>>philosophy of nature, about my (possibly strange and unacceptable [in some
>>of your eyes]) veiws of evolution. My intention was to simply show that
>>because they say "all is explained" I don't feel the same, as I feel God,
>>works through nature in "mysterious ways" and in ways we can see, those
>>being the laws of nature themselves. So my intention was not to upset you,
>>but to say, hey maybe not all is truely explained. And I feel that this
>>same thinking might also apply to the string theory.
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