of course I am missing something

From: John Hewlett <john.hewlett@usa.com>
Date: Mon Aug 08 2005 - 02:55:10 EDT

Ok well, I am missing something of course. And that is this, back in 2004 Gabriele Veneziano
the father of the "String theory" proposed to new theories that would indicate that the universe has existed forever and would continue too, and he used the String theory to make is case for this. Has any work been followed up on this? Furthur more, as a Christian I find my self playing devils advocate alot, lets assume its true. Ok, well, now the next question is, how can we reconcile this? I have no doubt it can be (God didn't die with evolution so its not going to happen with this either), I am just curious as to which approaches could be taken. Interestingly enough the article didn't do away with the big bang, it just did away with the beginning of time. Heres a quote from the article: "The pre-bang universe has become the latest frontier of cosmology."

I mean seriously can we ever know what happened before? The reason I truly hate scientific american is because its the most speculative science in the world. However it still catches my eye occasionally.

Thanks you all for reading all this, hope I haven't overwhelmed you.


I have another question but I will save it for you physicists if you want it, maybe totally unrelated.

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