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From: gordon brown <>
Date: Sat Aug 06 2005 - 17:54:06 EDT

On Wed, 3 Aug 2005, Glenn Morton wrote:

> GRM: The claim that people have no theological difficulties with evolution frankly never sound very convincing to me. If there were all this problem with evolution at least one or two atheist scientists would come out against evolution. They don't. So, the correlatability of theistic beleifs with a belief that evolution has 'scientific' problems doesn't wash with me. Can you explain why there isn't a 30-40% minority of atheist scientists against evolution if there is all this evidence against it? Are these sceintists sworn to secrecy?

I assume that you mean (neo)-Darwinian evolution rather than evolution in
general. I can imagine an atheist remaining one if he finds fault with the
Darwinian mechanism but not if he comes out against all possible theories
of evolution. What other options does he have? Some natural phenomenon
that creates complex life instantaneously with no intermediate steps? A
universe (and perhaps earth) that have always been here and always
contained complex life like us? That would sidestep the question of how we
got here, but even back when it might have been possible to believe that
the earth had always existed, I would think that an atheist would have
assumed that complex life had to arise from something simpler, but then
there would be the question of how simple is simple enough.

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