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Your arguments are too polarised to help anyone. There is a continuum of views from the theist to atheist. Within Christian theism there is diversity from YEC to TE

As Oscar Wilde said - To every complicated question there is a simple answer - and it's wrong!!

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  "..First of all I am a Christian,.."

  ### So you agree with the Framers of America's founding documents that it is a self-evident truth that man's rights are inalienable because they are God-given? ~ Janice

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        That's why I find claims that other philosophical positions are somehow irrational but one's own isn't, to be well, irrational.

      ### That's because you apparently embrace the only other game in town.

      There are only two games in town; God is God or man is god.

      I don't respect the opinions of those who embrace the man-centered religion. I believe they're irrational. :)

    I undertstand that you do not believe them to be rational but that hardly means that you should not respect differing opinions.
    Additionally, you are wrong, I do not 'embrace the only other game in town'. First of all I am a Christian, second of all there is hardly a logical argument to be made that there are only 'two games in town'. Life is much more complicated than a dualistic position chosen here.
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