RE: Response to Don P.

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri Aug 05 2005 - 11:55:18 EDT

Don wrote:
 Christian scientists playing the atheist's game and Christian
so-called scientists playing the YEC game. So until either the churches
changed to understand that evolution and other theories are not in
contradiction to the Bible, or schools begin to allow religious
based on facts, not religious teachings, then nothing will change and the
entire discussion is pointless.

Ted entirely agrees! I'd like to see progress on both fronts, but until
the Supreme Court reverses itself on the myth of "a wall of separation
between church and state," I think that virtually all of the progress (if
there is in fact any) will have to be on the church side of that artificial
divide. That's our job, as far as we are able to handle it. I encourage
ASAers to make themselves available to offer seminars in local churches.
I've done a few myself, including one at a very conservative Bible church a
couple of years ago, in which there were highly interesting exchanges with a
number of YECs in the church. Most churches lack the guts to do this type
of thing, however.

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