Re: agreeing about a mere creation?

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> Can anyone point to a specific miracle, aside from creation itself for
> which
> the when why hows are always being researched and discussed? Now point to
> a
> miracle that does not include man's involvement? God did not need to use
> miracles for creating. Everything went exactly as ordered. Only when man
> gets in the way of God's plan do miracles become necessary. During the
> big
> tsunami a small baby was spared. It was found floating on a mattress and
> somehow survived. Atheists would say it was chance. This was a miracle.

In science-theology discussions we need to be careful in the ways we use the
term "miracle." The root meaning of the English word is something that's
wonderful &/or extraordinary - L. /mirabilis/. In that sense a baby saved
in the midst of a tsunami, or for that matter the defensive play that Derek
Jeter pulled off in the playoffs against Oakland a couple of years ago, was
a "miracle." (I don't mean to compare the 2 in importance - & also note
that I'm a confirmed NY Yankees hater.)

That use of the word in popular discourse is OK but isn't very helpful in
serious theological & scientific discussions. The fact that people "marvel"
at some phenomenon says nothing at all about how God is involved in it. &
that's what needs to be discussed when we're talking about creation. In
such discussions it should be recognized that God is involved in everything
that happens in the world, & the question then is, what distinguishes God's
involvement in "ordinary" events from divine involvement in miraculous
(extraordinary) ones?

Probably no further comments from me for a few days - I'll be at the asa


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