RE: agreeing about a mere creation?

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Date: Fri Aug 05 2005 - 02:43:12 EDT

Can anyone point to a specific miracle, aside from creation itself for which
the when why hows are always being researched and discussed? Now point to a
miracle that does not include man's involvement? God did not need to use
miracles for creating. Everything went exactly as ordered. Only when man
gets in the way of God's plan do miracles become necessary. During the big
tsunami a small baby was spared. It was found floating on a mattress and
somehow survived. Atheists would say it was chance. This was a miracle.
God wanted this child spared for some reason. How was man involved? He did
not cause the tsunami, but didn't have the sense to live far enough from the
shore either. So God will step in and spare some at his choosing and for
his purposes, and always from either our own or someone else's bad judgment
or agenda. Do these miracles provide authentication? Yes. But when Christ
was asked to prove himself, he rejected. God's creation is proof enough.
Miracles are for our benefit, but for his purpose, and not for
authentication. If Christ rejects this notion would not God, His father?

Don P

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> Therefore, a proponent of old-earth creation (or young-earth creation)
> should be willing to praise God for designing a universe that was totally
> self-assembling by natural process, with no formative miracles, in case
> this is how He did it. Similarly, a proponent of evolutionary creation
> should be willing to praise God for using both modes of creative action,
> for cleverly designing nature to produce most phenomena without miracles,
> and for powerfully doing miracles when natural process was not sufficient,
> since this might be the way He did it.

I don't know whether others would read this the same way as I do, but
might this suggest that God does miracles when he can't think of another
way? Miracles seem to have special purposes such as to authenticate the
credentials of the one who does them.

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