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From: Pim van Meurs <>
Date: Tue Aug 02 2005 - 23:36:46 EDT

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Dentition comparison

Skull comparison

Pim van Meurs wrote:

> Glenn Morton wrote:
>> */Cornelius Hunter <>/* wrote:
>> The placentals and marsupials are another example of the incredible
>> convergence we find in biology. And the thylacine (marsupial) and
>> grey wolf
>> (placental) are examples from within the placental and marsupial
>> lineages.
>> If evolution and CD are true, then the story goes like this. A
>> long time
>> ago, a small rodent something like a mouse or shrew split into
>> two lineages
>> which would become the placental and marsupial lineages. Those
>> two lineages,
>> over millions of years and in different corners of the earth
>> would produce
>> the same designs over and over. Cats, rats, mice, anteaters, flying
>> squirrels, and yes, the wolf, just to name a few. How could
>> random, unguided
>> mutations lead to these same designs over and over?
>> GRM: Two things. First, they are not exactly the same design.
>> You are entirely wrong. Their skeletons are different enough so
>> that one can tell a marsupial thylacine from a wolf (although
>> admittedly most anti-evolutionists dpn't have the knowledge to
>> know that). Secondly, since they are SIMILAR (but not exactly
>> the same pattern), this is easily accomplished by iterative,
>> nonlinear mathematical systems. You can see this in a system I
>> discovered by accident at
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Even the skeletons for the head show significant difference. I
> understand that during a San Francisco meeting, Hunter presented two
> pictures of the placental and mammal wolf but somehow got the pictures
> mixed up, showing two pictures of the wolf.
> The two may appear to be similar but to the trained eye, and I am
> hardly such, the differences are quite extensive. Even I can see the
> differences when studying the two head skeletons side by side.
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