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Rich et al. -

The theology of the Leviticus passage (& of course similar ones throughout
scripture) are fine - as far as it goes. It's common sense religion: The rules
are there for a reason: Obey the rules & succeed or disobey & you'll fail. &
the prophets saw the destruction of Judah as a consequence of failure to live
by God's law.
I was responding to the remark:

"The possibility that God would in fact allow extinction is an important step
on the way to realizing that God could even use extinction in bringing forth
new forms of life, as in natural selection."

- to show that there is no conflict between natural selection and religion
because the OT addresses extinction directly. ALL of the Levitical prohibitions,
when obeyed, maintain high birth rates. No exception.
I am saying much more than there are "rules for a reason." I am telling you
THE REASON IS to avoid extinction and that the entire OT agenda is to maintain
a population in the face of threats that would render it extinct and allow it
to fill the earth and subdue it.

If that was such common sense, why didn't you give the reason instead of just
saying there was a reason. I said the rules are there to prevent extinction
and allow the Israelites to take the Promised Land by displacing the indigenous
Canaanites who follow ancient customs that are in violation of the Levitical
prohibitions and lower their birth rates.

I want to be sure you didn't miss the import of my remarks in your haste to
find their "commonality." If it's common sense religion then we must all agree
that a population that follows the Levitical prohibitions will eventually
displace an indigenous population that does not.


I said, I will never break my covenant with you, and you in turn must make no
covenant with the inhabitants of the country; you must pull down their
altars. But you did not obey me and look what you have done! So I said, I will not
drive them out before you; they will decoy you, and their gods will shut you
fast in the trap.21 Judges 2:1-4

The Israelites are told to "smash the altars" or undermine the religions of
indigenous peoples. If the religions of those indigenous peoples included
prohibitions like those in Leviticus that maintained high birth rates and the
incoming Israelites "smashed their altars" undermining their practical religious
prohibitions, then the population of those indigenous peoples whose altars were
smashed would drop, wouldn't it, "spewing them out of the land?"
Think Roe v. Wade. It used to be one of our altars. It's been smashed.
I needed to flesh that out because its not the "common" understanding, is it?

Natural selection has already been reconciled with the OT. That was my point,
and I don't think it's commonly made.
rich faussette
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