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From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Mon Aug 01 2005 - 17:00:07 EDT

George Murphy <> wrote:<snip>. As Kierkegaard pointed out (& as Bill H just noted), that prophetic trust is what made Abraham a "knight of faith" - that he trusted that God would be faithful to his promise even though the child in whom the promise was embodied was killed. This is something much more radical than common sense religion.
George is referring to a private message I sent him. I have no objection to it being posted -- I just didn't see it as important enough to post. Here 'tis:
Thanks, George, for pointing out that it is Biblical for God to destroy as well as create -- and sometimes He seems to be destroying what He promised to preserve (I'm sure it looked that way to Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac on Mt Moriah) I hadn't really thought of evolution in that context. With respect to the theology of the cross, I fear a good many nonLutherans are not familiar enough with it to be able to see the points you are making. I used to simply say "yeah, yeah, Christ died on the cross" when some of my Lutheran friends mentioned it. Then one day I mentioned to Chuck Stevenson that a theme which seems to be repeated throughout the Bible is "My strength is perfected in weakness" and Chuck said, "That's the theology of the cross!". Maybe it's much more, but just that realization helps me quite a bit.

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