Re: Stereotypes and reputations

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Mon Aug 01 2005 - 08:49:22 EDT

Pim van Meurs <> wrote:
Hi Glenn, I am very aware of your excellent work on the evolution of
phyla. I have often quoted it. It was Hunter who made the statement.

GRM: I am sooooo sorry, Pim. I knew to whom I was speaking (Cornelius) but my fingers typed your name. My profuse apologies. Chalk it up to a very tired brain trying to learn Mandarin and still trying to deal with other areas of life. I don't think I have ever faced a more formidable challeng than learning Mandarin even though I can now carry on conversations for an hour or more in that language and can go to electronic stores and successfully navigate with the sales person. Still one finds that there are sooo many words and such a small brain to fit them in.

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