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All Cochran did was present an unproven hypothesis (which he readily admits).
 I'll close with what a properly-designed study (that at least has a
control) looks like to resolve this question:
Origin and spread of the 1278insTATC mutation causing Tay-Sachs disease in
Ashkenazi Jews: genetic drift as a robust and parsimonious hypothesis.

Frisch A, Colombo R, Michaelovsky E, Karpati M, Goldman B, Peleg L.

Felsenstein Medical Research Center, Rabin Medical Center, 49100, Petah
Tikva, Israel.

The 1278insTATC is the most prevalent beta-hexosaminidase A ( HEXA) gene
mutation causing Tay-Sachs disease (TSD), one of the four lysosomal storage
diseases (LSDs) occurring at elevated frequencies among Ashkenazi Jews (AJs). To
investigate the genetic history of this mutation in the AJ population, a
conserved haplotype (D15S981:175-D15S131:240-D15S1050:284-D15S197:144-D15S188:418) was
identified in 1278insTATC chromosomes from 55 unrelated AJ individuals (15
homozygotes and 40 heterozygotes for the TSD mutation), suggesting the
occurrence of a common founder. When two methods were used for analysis of linkage
disequilibrium (LD) between flanking polymorphic markers and the disease locus and
for the study of the decay of LD over time, the estimated age of the
insertion was found to be 40+/-12 generations (95% confidence interval: 30-50
generations), so that the most recent common ancestor of the mutation-bearing
chromosomes would date to the 8th-9th century. This corresponds with the demographic
expansion of AJs in central Europe, following the founding of the Ashkenaz
settlement in the early Middle Ages. The results are consistent with the
geographic distribution of the main TSD mutation, 1278insTATC being more common in
central Europe, and with the coalescent times of mutations causing two other LSDs,
Gaucher disease and mucolipidosis type IV. Evidence for the absence of a
determinant positive selection (heterozygote advantage) over the mutation is
provided by a comparison between the estimated age of 1278insTATC and the
probability of the current AJ frequency of the mutant allele as a function of its age,
calculated by use of a branching-process model. Therefore, the founder effect
in a rapidly expanding population arising from a bottleneck provides a robust
parsimonious hypothesis explaining the spread of 1278insTATC-linked TSD in AJ
I had been collecting the threads from the evopsych list to respond to you
and I was just going to send them and I can't find them, I might have deleted
them in error, but when I considered collecting them again, I noticed you copied
Burgy and I remembered his inappropriate response to me at the beginning of
this thread and I decided I'm not going to argue the point anymore. You
completely ignored every quote I offered from prominent Jews who admitted self
selection even using the word as Metzenberg did. You have responded only to the
genetics argument which made the proper connection between the high intelligence
and the genetic diseases but you fail to see the self selection process, even
harpending failed to see it when he assumed there was selection pressure on
intelligence on only the 1% of the communities who were rabbis. How could this
be? You mean only people who aspire to the rabbinate aspire to intelligence? How
ludicrous a suggestion. All of Jewish theology contradicts that. Their
conclusions were wrong and I posted to that effect on evopsych while Kevin MacDonald
presented his data to Harpending. The bottleneck hypothesis only suggests a
founder effect from a small community but if a segment of Judaism split off and
began rigorous self selection it might be confused with a founder effect and
appear to be a bottleneck, wouldn't it? And this is precisely what happenmed
with the Hasidic renewal in Eastern europe where these communities come from,
so I will beg off this thread and leave you with this. They've just removed the
10 commandments form American courthouses and Canada has just made same sex
marriage legal. Take a look if you dare at who is behind these initiatives.
Your altars are being smashed by a people who are intellectually superior to you
and have created a liberal ideology that will displace Christianity. I'm not
going to argue the point. It may take a few years, but you will see it.
When you're ready to consider the data I've presented and not just the data
you present, we'll have a thread. Until you acknowledge that Jewish torah
scholars of yeshiva university themselves write that Jews self select you're just
out there in la la land ignoring what doesn't fit your world view.

rich faussette
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