G2 - The Second Genesis Square

From: David Bradford <david.bradford1@which.net>
Date: Sun Jun 26 2005 - 09:05:44 EDT

The third page of by website http://www.TheRingOfTruth.info is now in place for anyone who may wish to view it.

This brings the project to approximately the halfway stage, depending in part on how much of the available material I decide to include. But it also depends on how much material there will be by the end. To illustrate just how unpredictable even that can be, let me explain that the latest page is about 30% longer than I originally intended due to fresh inspirations during the writing. On that basis, I see no reason to place a limit on the depth of meaning that may ultimately be extracted from the Hebrew Torah, especially when the best minds are brought to bear.

I am very much aware that the structures I describe in my website, though complex and self-consistent, are difficult to analyse and quantify in a way that would appeal to the scientific mentality. But I am encouraged when I remember the quote of Ernest Rutherford, that All science is either physics or stamp collecting. Although the work I am doing is some way removed from the accepted definition of science, it is nontheless a process of cataloguing 'fossils' (stamps) that cry out for a reasoned explanation. Unless someone with more appropriate skills than my own comes along to provide a better explanation, then a reasonable working hypothesis is that I am describing artefacts formed deliberately and skilfully by 'I know not whom'. Well that is only partly true because, as you all know, I believe these things are from God. I mean, I have looked at everything that is there to see and I have concluded that they are not accidental, and nor are they within the ability of the human intellect to have contrived them. But it is clear that few others are yet reconciled to the same ideas. So you are at liberty to regard the notion as only a hypothesis, until enough of the picture is available - which I accept for some people will never happen.

Maybe another useful way for me to proceed would be to work up some kind of statistical assessment of the likelihood that the attributes of the Genesis Squares could have happened by chance alone. Some characteristics do lend themselves to that kind of analysis, whereas other do not. Or perhaps that is more a comment on my analytical skills. No matter, the things I am able to do I shall do as soon as possible, but without jeopardising the flow of new material in subsequent web pages.

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