RE: Defense of Theism pt 1

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Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 19:08:56 EDT

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> Now admittedly this isn't part of your formal argument for theism. But
> the
> fact that in the course of that argument you discuss what you see as a
> concern for Christians (rather than Jews, Muslims or philosophical
> theists)
> gives a pretty strong indication of your interest even for those who don't
> know your background. That's not a problem just for in-house debate here
> but if you intend to develop a statement of the case for theism for a
> wider
> argument you'll need to modify or excise this.

Actually, I modified it for this forum. I had posted an earlier version at

Which didn't contain the paragraph you cite. So, you are right that for a
wider audience that paragraph shouldn't be there.

I have been so far unsuccessful at getting my second post accepted at the
ASA list. I sent it last night and about 30 minutes ago but so far it
doesn't ever come back to me or appear on the forum archive.

Thankfully, it appears that my non-smoking wife does not have lung cancer.
Two biopsies have failed to find cancer. Don't know what she has, but I am
going back to Beijing tomorrow morning. If my post is not uploaded to the
list by tonight, I will have to send it from Beijing (hopefully). Anyway,
thanks to everyone for their prayers. It looks like they were answered. We
only had a 10% chance that this was not cancer and while we are not out of
the woods yet, we now have an 80% chance that she is ok.
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