Rich's claim

From: Carol or John Burgeson <>
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 09:30:04 EDT

I had said: "I have not been following that thread, nor do I intend to.
Life is too
short to study everything. Catch me in the next life; we will have time
to discuss it then."

Rich replied: "That's the kind of retort I've come to expect from you
Burgy. Then you don't want to know any more about the basis of your own
religion I suppose. It was
not a thread. It's bigger than this list. It's a developing paradigm. The
one that will knock creationism out of the ring."
I understand your claim (above) to say the thread is (1) of high
importance, (2) will disprove creationism, and (3) proves Moorad's
original statement.

My take on this claim is that I bluntly don't give it credence.

I could be wrong; if there are others here who (1) understand it as I do
above and (2) give it credence, perhaps they will say so.

For example, if George or Howard or Glenn or Ted would say so (I pick 4
but there are others), I might be inclined to look into it,

You have an eternity to convince me, of course.


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