RE: Getting from theism to Xtianity

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 15:36:16 EDT

But given the title of the thread was defense of theism, I can't figure out
why everyone is expecting this second part? Does theism equate to
Christianity? It doesn't in my book.

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> George, commenting on Glenn's thesis, wrote: " I'll be interested to see
> how you get from theism (which together with 50c may get you a cup of
> coffee at McD's if you're old
> enough) to Christianity."
> That question/argument has always interested me too. The book THE MOST
> RELUCTANT CONVERT, C. S. Lewis's Journey to Faith, by David C. Downing,
> (see
> for my review, published in PERSPECTIVES)
> details the journey of C. S. Lewis along that path, a journey that I also
> took with some differences.
> Burgy
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