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Rich commented: "If you've been following the saga of the K. MacDonald'=
evolutionary strategy of Judaism then you might be interested in Henry=20
Harpending's paper on Ashkenazi IQ."

I have not been following that thread, nor do I intend to. Life is too
short to study everything. Catch me in the next life; we will have time
to discuss it then.

That's the kind of retort I've come to expect from you Burgy. Then you don't
want to know any more about the basis of your own religion I suppose. It was
not a thread. It's bigger than this list. It's a developing paradigm. The new
one that will knock creationism out of the ring. I was talking to the list. You
gave me a hook by contradicting Moorad's sound statement. There may be some
out there who is interested. The NYT was interested. The Economist was

rich faussette
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