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Dear Joe Carson,
I have just seen your message, which is most interesting.
Although technically I am not an engineer but a research
scientist in theoretical astrophysics, I have done at one time
or another quite a lot of work on software engineering in various
programming languages including FORTRAN, C and C++, and more
recently various web server and client side scripting languages.
As a Christian I am committed to the truth, and am disgusted
by the lies and obfuscationary tacticts used by the young
earth creationists. In the last few weeks I revamped my
website with various resources. You
can either click through to "Other Interests" or go straight to where there are a
number of links, including one to a 70 page Power Point
presentation I gave at a science/theology forum at the University
of Arizona last year.
At this moment I am logged onto the Internet from a friends
house just outside Paris, which is very nice indeed. I fly back to
Tucson tomorrow, so obvioulsy will be out of reach for most of
the day.
Christopher Sharp
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Subject: Founding Member of Affiliation of Christian Engineers?

Hi ASA'ers
I ran the following ad in the weekly religion section of the Knoxville paper:
Looking for a Few Christian Engineers
Should Christian engineers intentionally and collectively influence their profession? Given the vital responsibilities the engineering profession has, in 2005 and foreseeable future, for the "built environment" sustaining modern man and civilization, it is a timely and provocative question. If you are a Christian engineer or theologian and wish to intentionally seek God's will for the engineering profession, with a small group of others, please contact me. The group's goal is the preparation of a scholarly article for publication in a suitable peer-reviewed journal about God's will for engineering and engineers. We all must be good stewards of our time and talents, therefore participants should expect appropriate compensation for their contributions, if a viable auxiliary engineering professional society for Christian engineers results. Contact Joe Carson, P.E., President of the Affiliation of Christian Engineers <> at <>, if i!
I am running the same ad in some other Knoxville area papers over next few weeks too.
I created a blog for Christian engineers <> and posted the text of the ad to it. I am trying to get the blog and this opportunity publicized via the "Christian blogosphere."
From my study of the engineering profession, most major engineering professional societies had 6-10 "founding members."
My proposal for compensating the time/talents/monetary costs of the "founding members" of the Affiliation of Christian Engineers is that the "founders" would "bill" the Affiliation of Christian Engineers for the time spent in preparing the scholarly-type paper, I suggest at a rate of $60/hour or so, and, if we decide to then go forward with making it viable, the "heavy lifting" that accompanies such a start-up effort.
If ACE becomes viable, it could well generate several million dollars a year in revenue. That revenue stream could be used to reward the risk and effort of its founders (the plan is for the majority of the revenue stream to be disbursed to engineering-related ministries, development projects, scholarships, etc, across denominational lines). My suggestion is that the reward/risk ratio be 10 to 1 - if a founder contributed a value of $20,000.00 in time/money, he would be rewarded with $200,000.00 (no, it would not be tax-free, just as membership dues are not tax-deductible.)
However, I am not dictating, the founders must reach a consensus about the matter.
Please publicize this opportunity (or express interest yourself!) if you feel so led.
Please feel free to call.
Your co-engineer in His creation,
Joe Carson, P.E.
President, Affiliation of Christian Engineers
Knoxville, TN
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