Re: quantum physics and Buddhism

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Randy reported how determinism is an essential part of Buddhism (at least
according to the Dalai Lama) and the resulting tension with quantum physics.
Lest we think our own house is in order, we should remember that there are
also Christians who present absolute determinism of cause and effect as
essential. A fringe-ish example of that (they also dislike relativity and much
other modern science) is found in a group called Common Sense Science (see
_www.commonsensescience.org_ ( , if you have a
strong stomach).
But such a view is also found in more respectable circles, such as R.C.
Sproul in his book "Not a Chance!" that came out a few years ago. I have not
read this book, but apparently he makes strong statements like "If chance is,
God is not." I don't know whether Sproul is driven to this by a desire to
retain the cosmological argument in apologetics, or by his strong Calvinism
(which some would call Hypercalvinism), or what. But the role of chance in
quantum physics seems to present a problem for some expressions of Christian
theology as well.
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