Re: Christian Colleges

From: Jim Armstrong <>
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 18:08:04 EDT

In some settings, critical thinking is framed as doubt, and even
listening to or reading contrary opinions is to expose oneself to
temptation away from the truth in spiritual matters. In that context,
it is difficult, even perilous to swim against the current of ambient
dogma and peer thought. Those are risks many people of faith would not
take in matters with such high stakes.

I take that as teaching one to live in fear, to be afraid to explore in
reading, ideas, and conversation lest one fall prey to the adversary.
It is a sad homage to the gift and stewardship of intellect.


Glenn Morton wrote:

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> I suspect that the evangelical church retains a fear of higher
> education inherited from the fundamentalist days of the 1920's. We
> fear that learning (and thinking), unless carefully controlled,
> endangers faith. We want "safe" schools where only the truth will be
> taught and where our children will be protected and nurtured and
> equipped to make a living.
> GRM: Of course thinking endangers faith, especially if what is being
> taught is totally false and contrary to what one can see with one's
> own eyes. In order to save such false teaching, the last thing one
> wants is to have the students think.
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