Re: Debunking Pseudoscience

From: David C Campbell <>
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 11:42:11 EDT

>>> I have several of Price's works and a photocopy of The New Geology-
all 700 pages of it and it appears at first sight like any
geology text of the 1920s. One has to root to find the fatal flaws,
which are akin to YEC on geology.<<<

I've not read all the way through my copy of a Price book, but I
happened to open to one flaw that, while fairly obscure to most, ties
into my research.

A table purports to debunk biostratigraphy by showing patchy
distribution of genera in the stratigraphic column. The examples are
generally bivalves and the purported ranges and gaps are wrong based on
knowledge from the 1800's. Modern data would produce even greater
changes from his claims.

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