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I did not dare mention any great Christian colleges with fine science faculties as I would have left some out - some letters for some HMWDCT which I know about personally. Just to add confusion I have great respect for one graduate of Bob Jones Univ for his views and stance on geology. I think I am fairly well-informed on both the good and the bad in degree level education in both Britain and America.

I am also aware of the constraints some science faculty have in their teaching due to a preponderance of YEC students. I highly respect your position which must be very difficult - referring to a previous post.



PS I am leading a history of geology field trip for a college called Harvard in August. Is that like PIU?
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  Here is a great Christian University to show your colleagues in the UK:

  The University of Tulsa is reputable, accredited, and is ranked in the top 100 colleges and universities by US News and World Reports.


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    Thanks Dave and Allan

    You confirmed my suspicions. I may use the information.

    In UK many think that most US Christian colleges are like PIU and I often have a hard time convincing people that many colleges are excellent and on a par with our best Universities and a darn sight better than many of our newbie Univs which give a high a proportion of firsts as Oxbridge!


    Plain Mr Roberts
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      Michael R. asked about Pacific International University in Missouri. This aroused my suspicions since I grew up in Missouri, got my B.S. there, and had never heard of the institution.

      You can find them at
      They apparently have no campus and just do "distance learning" for degrees.
      Their "Accreditation" page is humorous and the "History" page is telling.

      But I saved the best/worst for last. Right on the front page is a smiling picture of the University President, "Dr." Carl Baugh.

      Dr. (earned) Allan H. Harvey, Boulder, CO,

  Sheila McGinty Wilson
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