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This is truly sad. Basing PIU in my hometown of Springfield leads me to believe it is targeting drop-outs from the four Christian colleges located in Springfield (CBC, BBC, Evangel, and SBU), although being remote, it is targeting anyone. The accreditation page is more than a borders on fraud. Baugh and crew need to be up front with the facts and implications. But hey...he has already proven his master-of-deception abilities with his books, so why not extend that to create a pseudo college.

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Thanks Dave and Allan

You confirmed my suspicions. I may use the information.

In UK many think that most US Christian colleges are like PIU and I often have a hard time convincing people that many colleges are excellent and on a par with our best Universities and a darn sight better than many of our newbie Univs which give a high a proportion of firsts as Oxbridge!


Plain Mr Roberts
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  Michael R. asked about Pacific International University in Missouri. This aroused my suspicions since I grew up in Missouri, got my B.S. there, and had never heard of the institution.

  You can find them at
  They apparently have no campus and just do "distance learning" for degrees.
  Their "Accreditation" page is humorous and the "History" page is telling.

  But I saved the best/worst for last. Right on the front page is a smiling picture of the University President, "Dr." Carl Baugh.

  Dr. (earned) Allan H. Harvey, Boulder, CO,
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