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Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 15:40:26 EDT

This is an example of what I have said before. YEC, and it's various flavors, does more damage to the credibility Christianity than good.


> Today I received the latest issue of the Notices of the American
> Mathematical Society. It featured an interview with Martin Gardner, who is
> well known for his 25 years as author of the "Mathematical Games" column
> in Scientific American magazine, but it turns out that he has also written
> books debunking pseudoscience such as Scientology and Uri Geller.
> What he said that especially caught my interest was his answer to the
> interviewer's question "How did you get interested in debunking
> pseudoscience?"
> He said that at some time during his childhood he read George McCready
> Price's "The New Geology" and was convinced by it until he took a geology
> course at the University of Chicago and understood where Price went wrong.
> He now describes Price's book as "one of the great crank works of all
> time".
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