Re: YEC refutation

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 10:36:43 EDT

   . I have spoken with many non-scientist Christians who believe we have two choices: believe the Bible or believe satanically-inspired science. They see no middle ground.

  This is precisely the choice many non-Chrsitans are faced with because of the antics of YECs. They must either reject what they know to be essentially true -i.e. science - they may even question whether Nat Selection is the only motor of evolution , but they know the universe is over 10by year old etc etc, or they reject this idea of a chap 2000yrs ago dying for forgiveness and rising from the dead along with palpable untruths like a 10,000 year old planet.

  YEC gives us a simple choice between atheistic science and utter nonsense. The former is closer to the truth

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