Re: Bias in Science, Part 3

From: Dick Fischer <>
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 21:24:40 EDT

Vernion wrote:

> Having mentioned me by name in one of your recent postings I was hoping
> find there an answer to the question I posed a week or so ago, viz "As a
> campaigning evolutionst, how have you, personally, come to terms with the
> biblical assertion that birds were created before reptiles?" Am I
> to infer that you have no answer?

Infer you haven't read my book.

"The Hebrew word ‘op that has been translated “fowl,” is a “flying
creature,” the same basic word for “insect” which probably would have been
a better translation. Flying insects date to 300 million years ago in the
Carboniferous period, and were useful for pollinating some of the
vegetation springing forth at about that time. Also, why would “fowls” be
mentioned three times in three consecutive passages (Gen.1:20-22)? If
birds had been intended in all three instances it would be a curious

> By the way, when have you ever proved me "dead wrong"?

Many of us on this list have proved the entire YEC scenario dead wrong, and
any one who advocates for it is dead wrong. But you have persisted in
maintaining an indefensible position in spite of having been availed of
some of the best minds and information accumulated in one place. You have
been presented evidence in abundance, and yet persist when you should long
ago have seen your errors and done what all YECs should do - reflect,
recoil, recant and repent.

>And as for my "imitating a Timex watch" - that really can't be a bad
thing, can it?

You are surrounded by Rolex's.

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