Re: Bias in Science, Part 3

From: Vernon Jenkins <>
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 18:58:51 EDT

Hi Dick,

Having mentioned me by name in one of your recent postings I was hoping to
find there an answer to the question I posed a week or so ago, viz "As a
campaigning evolutionst, how have you, personally, come to terms with the
biblical assertion that birds were created before reptiles?" Am I therefore
to infer that you have no answer? Possibly the problem has not occurred to
you? On the other hand you may genuinely believe that such an uncomfortable
detail - pitting the words of men against the Word of God - may be lightly
ignored? IMO it would help remove a potential source of confusion for many
if the author of '' were now to speak clearly on this

By the way, when have you ever proved me "dead wrong"? And as for my
"imitating a Timex watch" - that really can't be a bad thing, can it?.


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> Our time would probably be better spent if we concentrated on those not
> won
> over to the YEC camp. Time is our most precious commodity and there are
> untold millions who would like to have a workable method of apology if
> only
> they knew of one. I have to admit that I too respond and answer tit for
> tat, but the conversion rate approaches zero. Vernon is a good case in
> point. You can prove him dead wrong and yet he imitates a Timex watch.
> Let them wither on the vine, twist in the wind, or prepare to answer their
> Maker face to face. Put the effort on those who are more receptive.
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