RE: Arguments for a young earth (wasICR; June 2005)

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Date: Fri Jun 10 2005 - 19:46:32 EDT

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> 3. /Salt in sea/. This is largely in equilibrium. Excess salt is removed
> by deposition in shallow sea beds.

Sorry, Don, but one doesn't want to replace one falsehood with another.
Salt is NOT deposited in the shallow sea beds except under extremely special
circumstances which occur from time to time in the geologic column, like
when a restricted basin is partly isolated from the rest of the ocean. This
happened during Zechstein time in Europe in the Messinian in the
Mediterranean basin, in the Jurassic in the Gulf of Mexico, but today, this
is occurring almost no where except maybe Sharks bay Australia which is too
small to be of any significance.

> 8. /Erosion of continents/. Valid mountain building processes have been
> ignored by the YECs.

That simply won't work either. While it is true that the YECs have ignored
mountain building, that isn't the reason the continents still exist above
the waves. There has not been a mountain building episode--ever--in
Nebraska yet it is still above the waves and still has Paleozoic sediment on
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