ICR; June 2005

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Date: Fri Jun 10 2005 - 12:21:50 EDT

The countdown to November, 2005, continues. The June 2005 issue of Acts
and Facts begins with a screaming headline:
"Thousands . . . Not Billions Premiere Conference"

Saturday, 11/5/2005 is to be the big day. El Cajon, California. A video
documentary -- a book for non-scientists by DeYoung, a technical book on
the R.A.T.E. results by Vardiman, Snelling and Chaffin. Leading to it --
18 lectures in South Carolina by Jim Gardner, a set of 16 lectures in
Ohio, Wisconsin and other states by an unidentified group of ICR
speakers, a "Creation Seminar" in Virginia by Morris and Parker, a U.K.
trip in September, . . . .

John Morris has a column on the recent discovery of dino "soft parts. ICR
tried to get pictures from SCIENCE magazine for use with John's article
but was refused. Proof, of course, of mainstream bias.

The Impact article (#384) by Humphries is interesting. Fourteen natural
phenomena are discussed, all of which conflict with the "billions of
years" theory. These are presented in a way that -- if even one cannot be
refuted, the earth MUST be young. ICR will no doubt have these up on
their web site shortly; for reference, here they are:

1 Galaxies wind up "too fast."
2 Too few supernova remnants
3 Comets disintegrate too quickly. The Oort cloud is unobserved.
4 Not enough mud on the sea floor
5 Not enough sodium in the sea
6 The earth's magnetic field is decaying too fast
7 Many strata are too tightly bent
8 Biological material decays too fast
9 Fossil radioactivity shortens geologic "ages" to a few years
10 Too much helium in minerals
11 Too much carbon in deep geologic strata
12 Not enough Stone Age skeletons
13 Agriculture is too recent
14 History is too short

My expectation is that this list of 14 will be expanded as the countdown
to 11/5/05 continues. Kill 13 of them; the one remaining will still be
used to "prove" a young earth.

Finally, an article titled "Did Jesus Teach Recent Creation." Henry
argues three points, as follows:

1. The Bible nowhere allows for long ages
2 The Bible explicitly states how and when creation took place
3 Jesus recognized that men and women existed from the start.

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