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Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 23:37:09 EDT

David Bradford is excited about finding a particular arrangement of letters
in his Genesis square. http://www.theringoftruth.info

The arrangement is a tilted set of letters (which I will straighten up
because of the limitations of Plain Text messages.) The o's are other
characters, the A and P are special characters singled out by David to
complete the cross he needs in his analysis. And the I's are the characters
he thinks have special geometric relationships and form the cross. The .'s
are just for proper spacing so that everything can be in proper


David singles out the following positions to form the cross. See the X's


I don't think this is evidence of inspiration because my favorite physics
author is even more inspired. My previous research on the first few
sentences of this amazingly inspired book can be viewed here.

Today, I announce an even more amazing thing--the 20 square--which clearly
shows that Barrow's inspiration continues to be unblemished. I did what
David did. I wrapped the first 400 letters around a square going into the
center of the square. Here is the 20-square. I call everyone's attention to
the following area (ignore the .'s but look below the


T h e r e i s s a f
e t y i n n u m b e
e c r e t t o t h e
s t r u c t u r e r
s e m a t i c s h a
s p r o v e d i a s
e h n d o f w h i c
h w e a r e a t n b
h t a e n t e m p t
e d t o e q p s d y
t a e e i t s m a t
h e m a t u a e w t
d m v b h o o t o f
e v e r i a r l o r
n n i e t r s s a n
u n d y c t t f r a
u o l v i e e h e p
h y e c a e m a k n
o s e a w h s t r l
d s r l l u a r g s
f a w h d t s f o i
s i s a e n t e s l
e e h e l t o o w l
a c t i n d h l o a
v r c w r a p g n i
d n a m c e e i f t
a s i t o n o t e k
a m e w a r m a t i
h u h l w o i t a z
i l u s p s a b h n
e o w u e h t f o g
n i d n a t t l e g
w i n s e r a s a s
k r o w s c i e u t
l r i d l r o w e h
t o t e d i u g n h
a e t s y m e m o s
r o f e s r e v i e
c i r e m u n e h t
o t n i l a u t c a

Since the archive will strip these tabs, and the inspiration of John D.
Barrow is so crucial, I will reproduce this without any spaces


What you will see is the same figure that David finds in Genesis--clearly a
deeply meaningful message to us about John D. Barrow. To put things in the
same format as above we have the extracted data but capitalized some letters
to highlight the important information.


Note the upraised arms made by the E (which obviously stands for Elohim).
David B. spoke of this formation as being very important and representing
the cross. He said that the 5 characters in his Genesis square represented
the cross. Then he said it represented the upraised arms on the cross. Ok.
I will go with the latter. But, also notice the A and D in the cross. Does
this make anyone think of something? Of course. The cross divides history
between A.D. and B. C. But, even more amazingly at the foot of the cross
is an anacrostic which provides 3 paths to spell the word, B-E-L-I-E-V-E by
going from square to square without jumping. Start at the B which is at the
foot of the cross(quite appropriate, don't you think?) move to the E below,
then diagonally to the L, then up to the I, right to the E, then down to the
V then back up to the E. Alternatively you can start with the B go down to
the E, diagonally to the L up to the I, right to the E, upto the left to the
V and then up to the E (or upto the right to the E). These 3 paths to spell
the word Believe represent the trinity, no doubt about it. Clearly this is
a message to us that God wants us to believe that John Barrow is his
prophet. How could Barrow possibly have known or planned his writing that
carefully? No, the only explanation is that Barrow is an inspired prophet of

I will continue searching the writings of this great man so that I can
pester y'all with posts like this until you decide to believe in the
inspiration of Pi in the Sky. Or, is even the title a play on words. Will
there be Pi or Pie in the sky?

Given this incredible result I may have to give up being the high priest of
Oogaboogah. Tis a shame, since it was so lucrative when people sent me all
their money (the only requirement to be an Oogaboogan.
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