Re: Paul Johnson on the Existence of God

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> All,
> The British journalist/historian Paul Johnson has a column in the
> latest Forbes in which he takes a position like I.D., but without
> mentioning the I.D. movement.

Is this a copy of what he wrote in the Spectator?

Paul Johnson on natual disasters like the tsunami 'Why the giant waves were acts of a benevolent God' 'What had the deaths of 150,000 Lisboans to do with a fundamental question like the existence of God? They were going to die anyway.'

He continued about the tsunami 'So the calamity - so distressing for those individually involved - was for humanity as a whole a profoundly moral occurrence, and an act of God performed for our benefit.'

By a curious coincidence, I learned that this was an exact copy of part a Times obituary to be published on the occasion of his passing.
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