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While not all cases involve violent behavior, many often do, at least
according to most studies I've read. But even in the case you mention,
there is a known element of retardation. And, while this may have prevented
the person from being held accountable, it still does not mean that this
person was treated as equal in the eyes of the law and society as a whole.
Just the fact that he was forgiven on the basis of his condition proves that
he is different than the norm. Doesn't make him bad, but if he were left
unattended it is possible he might have another "incident". Point is not
that people with genetic abnormalities are bad people, or less human, but
when possible they should receive treatment or protection, from themselves
and others, and when necessary the people should be protected from them.
So, if as some claim, homosexuality is genetic, then why should they not be
treated as any other genetic abnormality, give them treatment, protection
and protect the rest of the population from them, when necessary. The idea
that sexual preference is genetic is just a way for those with alternate
lifestyles to legitimize their preference. I've been in many debates with
people I know personally on this issue and quite often genetics is brought
up. Each time it is, I explain that just as in any other case of genetics
people are treated different. If a person was born with no legs, we treat
them as a person, but also as a "physically challenged" person. Why should
they receive handicapped parking spaces? Why should anyone with a
"disability" receive extra care or money? Why? Because they need it and as
a society they should receive our help and care. So too if homosexuality is
genetic. They too need our love, care and help. They need treatment just
like any other physical or psychological disorder. Again this doesn't make
them bad people, just people with problems.

Don Perrett

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Donald Perrett wrote:
> There are several studies which have shown a link between double Y
> chromosomes in males, and violent behavior. Assuming that one accepts
> hypothesis, then what should be done when a male, with this
> performs an act of violence? Should his behavior be accepted just because
> he has a genetic predisposition? Or as is the case now, should he still
> imprisoned or at the very least placed in a mental facility? Unless you
> say that genetics are the only factor to determining what is socially
> acceptable, then you must succumb to the fact that what determines proper
> behavior is the behavior's affect on society as a whole, regardless of the
> persons genetics.
> Don Perrett


I know a boy with a sex chromosome abnormality. If I remember correctly, his
constitution is XYYY (but I can't find now the literature I studied then).
was after reaching maturity that he played with matches and produced a fire
that destroyed the neighboring farmer's house. He was not held responsible
the judge, not because of his genetic constitution, but because of his
psychological constitution: he was evidently mentally retarded.

If I remember correctly, the XYYY syndrome is always connected with some
retardation. But he has hardly any predisposition for violence. On the
he seems to have a preference and fine disposition for babysitting (small
babies). He now lives in a protected house, where he works. He regularly
his parents, and they take him away for vacations (camping).

Fortunately, his Christian parents were able to "mend" their relationship
their neighbor, whom the insurance paid a new house.


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