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> It may help to think in terms of the man with arms outstretched, rather
> than
> the inert wooden beams. If that does not resolve it for you, consider the
> 'river that flows to Ahava (ie love)' (Ezra 8:15), where Ezra's party
> encamped for three days. Or try the cluster of four letters nestled in the
> angle between the upper V shape. These letters include the word 'tent' as
> a
> dwelling, described in my supporting text. The positions of the letters
> vav
> (symbolic of a tentpeg) that form the upper V are supporting the refuge
> that
> Christ is, the home He purchased for us through His crucifixion and
> resurrection.

What would resolve it is an admission that you over stated your case. You

> But you have chosen to refer only to one aspect of
> one
> component - the fact that five occurrences of a particular letter have
> assembled themselves into the shape of a crucifix.

That is not the same as saying you have 5 letters which assemble themselves
into the shape of a man with outstretched arms.
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