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It may help to think in terms of the man with arms outstretched, rather than
the inert wooden beams. If that does not resolve it for you, consider the
'river that flows to Ahava (ie love)' (Ezra 8:15), where Ezra's party
encamped for three days. Or try the cluster of four letters nestled in the
angle between the upper V shape. These letters include the word 'tent' as a
dwelling, described in my supporting text. The positions of the letters vav
(symbolic of a tentpeg) that form the upper V are supporting the refuge that
Christ is, the home He purchased for us through His crucifixion and

If none of these things help, I can only suggest you try again later. It may
work like those jazzy pictures that were popular about 15 years ago. The
ones with a hidden image that suddenly emerged after you stared at it for
about ten minutes. There will be further opportunities as I keep adding new
pages. The first page represents less than 20% of the total material I have
available. The big test for me is assembling it into a coherent structure.
Like building a house, you have to work from the bottom up.


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> But you have chosen to refer only to one aspect of
> > one
> > component - the fact that five occurrences of a particular letter have
> > assembled themselves into the shape of a crucifix. What about the fact
> > that
> > the letter in question is symbolic of a tentpeg (ie a spike), that the
> > crucifix is positioned symmetrically in an axis of the Square, and the
> > fact
> I'm sorry but I didn't see that on your page. I saw 5 occurrences of the
> same letter laid out like
> I...I
> ..I..
> ..I..
> ..I..
> That is hardly a crucifix. The letters at the top of the crucifix are not
> the same as the five you mention. I don't understand your logic in saying
> that this is a crucifix.
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