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I totally agree with you David. But one question remains. How have so many
evangelicals fallen for such an unbiblical approach with goes contrary to
the Biblical teaching on creation?

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>>>I see no difference whatsoever between the conclusion reached by ID
>> and the biblical observation," The heavens are telling of the glory
>> of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands." Psalm
>> 19:1. Both inferences are based not only on the physical data but
>> also on a multiple of presuppositions that are an integral part of
>> the observer.<<
>> The crucial point is that our knowledge of God based on revelation
>> must be part of those presuppositions if we are to make the proper
>> theological inferences from what we observe of the natural world.
> Additional examples include passages such as Job 28, Ecclesiastes, and
> Romans 1 that express the futility of trying to find God starting with
> an examinaiton of the physical world. Another problem is that many ID
> arguments claim that the heavens do not tell of the glory of God unless
> they show evidence of miraculous intervention, whereas biblical
> passages see God behind all of creation.
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