Re: Fly Gene

From: Jim Armstrong <>
Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 14:20:13 EDT

My intent was to offer an alert, ... a caution if you will, not to jump
to any presently unsupported conclusion(s). JimA

Dr. David Campbell wrote:

>Human behavior has a much larger volitional component than fly
>behavior, so claims that "my genes made me do it" are definitely
>suspect. An additional complication is that the genetics of fly
>sexuality have some significant differences from humans-in us, having a
>functional Y makes a male; in flies, having only one X makes a male.
>The particular issue of sexuality has so much controversy and efforts
>at self-justification that I am hesitant to accept claims in the field.
>At the same time, genes undoubtably have extensive influences on our
>behavior. Christianity asserts that humans have an innate inclination
>to do wrong, so having a genetic inclination is certainly not proof
>that something is OK. Different genetic influences currently are
>regarded differently. Some are generally accepted as neutral. Others
>are seen as genetic diseases, physical ailments that have no moral
>significance but that we should try to cure medically. Yet others are
>seen as giving someone heightened vulnerability to a particular
>problem, so that they need particular help in this regard. An example
>of this is the apparent genetic predisposition to alcoholism (though
>there is some controversy about the genetics, I believe).
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