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There are several studies which have shown a link between double Y
chromosomes in males, and violent behavior. Assuming that one accepts this
hypothesis, then what should be done when a male, with this predisposition,
performs an act of violence? Should his behavior be accepted just because
he has a genetic predisposition? Or as is the case now, should he still be
imprisoned or at the very least placed in a mental facility? Unless you can
say that genetics are the only factor to determining what is socially
acceptable, then you must succumb to the fact that what determines proper
behavior is the behavior's affect on society as a whole, regardless of the
persons genetics.

Don Perrett
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  In case you missed it, here's a potentially explosive headline, from
yesterday's Arizona Republic:

  Fly study points to master gene directing its sexual behavior

  It looks to me that this has the makings of real conflict for those who
are certain that sexual preference and behavior are elective, particularly
when based on some pretty explicit scripture references.
  There is some strong inference, some correlation evidence, and some pretty
decent (coherent) working hypotheses that up 'til now just formed a
tentative framework that anticipated this discovery. But this appears very
likely to be the missing genetic piece of the puzzle - and unexpectedly
focused on a single gene (at least in this case).

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