ASA Meeting (Ride Board, roommates, registration info)

From: Craig Rusbult <>
Date: Sun Jun 05 2005 - 20:45:21 EDT

    Do you know the way to ASA? (no, this year it's not in San Jose)
    And how you'll get there? If you're thinking about travel plans for
ASA's annual meeting (August 5-8 at Messiah College in Grantham,
Pennsylvania) and driving/riding is an option you're considering, the
Annual Meeting Ride Board could be useful.
    This board is part of the ASA Forums, and registration is required, but
(especially with the tips in my RideBoard-page) this is quick and easy.
There is also information about EMERGENCY PLANS -- so if someone's car
fails, maybe someone from "further away, starting later" can give them a
ride to the meeting -- in the Ride Board and on the RideBoard-page,

    The board could also be used for other purposes related to the
conference. For example,
    Usually the ASA office has assigned me a conference-roomate, and
usually it's worked well, but not always. So if you want a roommate (me)
who is quiet and thoughtful, check the relevant topic in the Ride Board, or
you can go directly to a page with details at
    And you can make your own posts in the Ride Board Forum.

    It's less than two weeks before your registration must be mailed to
meet the deadline (reaching the ASA office by June 20) for avoiding late
fees. And the longer you wait, the more chance a field trip you want will
become full. Registration information, by mail or online, is in the middle
column of the ASA homepage at

Craig Rusbult
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