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From: George L. <>
Date: Sat Jun 04 2005 - 15:48:52 EDT

> In case you missed it, here's a potentially explosive headline, from
> yesterday's Arizona Republic:
> Fly study points to master gene directing its sexual behavior
> <
> It looks to me that this has the makings of real conflict for those
> are certain that sexual preference and behavior are elective,
> particularly when based on some pretty explicit scripture references.
> There is some strong inference, some correlation evidence, and some
> pretty decent (coherent) working hypotheses that up 'til now just
> a tentative framework that anticipated this discovery. But this
> very likely to be the missing genetic piece of the puzzle - and
> unexpectedly focused on a single gene (at least in this case).

There are of course scriptural references that condemn homosexual
behavior but absolutely none that say anything about whether or not
homosexual preference is elective.

Your link didn't work so I can't comment on the study. I will say that
it would be relevant to the issue of human sexual orientation only if
it's shown that there are homosexual flys in the same sense that we say
that there are homosexual human beings - i.e., those with an
orientation toward same-sex relations.

George L. Murphy
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