Whole Genome Duplication, From Fish to Gish

From: Edward Babinski <ebabinski2002@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue May 31 2005 - 19:02:43 EDT

"Dr. David Campbell" <amblema@bama.ua.edu> wrote:
There are increases in DNA amount that coincide
closely with some increases in complexity; however,
these may reflect large-scale duplication events that
copy genes as well as junk DNA.

ED: On such large-scale duplication events (WGD's,
"Whole Genome Duplication"), and why the comparative
genomic evidence is proving increasingly embaressing
to creationism, please read:

Article #1) "Fish Tales Solve Genetic Puzzles" [Easy
to understand] Oct. 2004



Article #2) "Pufferfish and Ancestral Genomes" [a
more in-depth presentation of the above discovery of
whole genome duplication in the vertebrate line]


One comment at the bottom of the above article reads:

"Evolutionary theory is making a very strong
prediction here: that when other euteleostomids are
sequenced, their syntenic patterns will roughly cohere
with the consensus structure sketched by Jaillon,
Aury, et alia. This need not be true, but evolutionary
theory predicts that it will be found to be true, and
furthermore explains why. Creationists should get
their bets in now. I say the genomic structures will
be found to cohere in a pattern consistent with strict
tree-branching. Will any Creationist put up money
against this prediction? How much? Let's talk."

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