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From: Robert Schneider <>
Date: Sat Jun 04 2005 - 05:25:59 EDT

Dick, is it true that Bill Gates gave money to the Discovery Institute?
Where would I find out about this? I have thought that the major contribute
came from Howard Ahmanson.

Bob Schneider

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> Denyse wrote:
>> Just let me know if you do not wish the list to be apprised of new events
> at
>> the Post-Darwinist.
>> It makes no difference to me. I assumed I was providing a service, but
>> perhaps not.
> Oh you did provide a service. Thanks to your keeping us advised of the
> Smithsonian situation I was able to email the city editor at the
> Washington
> Post. (I live in Northern Virginia and was published in the Post in
> 1986.)
> I was contacted by Tommy Nguyen, a Post reporter, and clued him in
> resulting in his piece in the Post Thursday followed by the editorial
> today.
> Thanks to your diligent reporting, thousands more now know the underhanded
> techniques Discovery Institute, armed with Bill Gates money, will employ
> to
> further their aims. I only hope that DI will get its nose bloodied often
> enough that it will evolve into something respectable.
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